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A Guide to Facial Exfoliation

The skin gray with lack of sun, tired and often dry, just waiting for spring rejuvenation treatments. One of the most effective methods of facial s...
Anti-Wrinkle Creams After 40

Anti-Wrinkle Creams After 40

Skin care after 40 is more challenging than taking care of a younger skin. The best creams for women over 40 years of age containing retinol and vitamin C esters - substances that reach the deeper layers of the skin. Due to the reduction of secretion of sebaceous glands, skin after the age of 40 loses moisture and becomes excessively sensitive to external factors. Wrinkle creams must take all these problems into account and solve them.
A guide to micellar water

A Guide to Micellar Water

If you are looking for the right facial cleanser for yourself, you might consider a micellar fluid. What is micellar water? It came from France (of...
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How to Care For Skin With Acne

If you are struggling with the problem of skin imperfections, you should analyze your skin type again. Is it oily, mixed, dry or normal? The term "acne skin" refers to the skin subtype and may refer to any of the above-mentioned skin types. The "base" which is the type of our skin largely determines how we should care for the skin to get rid of the problem of acne. A mismatch of skin care and the choice of bad cosmetics will do more harm than good!
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Taking Care of Baby's Delicate Skin

The skin of children is very delicate. With a total thickness of 1.2 mm and the epidermis only 40 to 50 microns thick, it is several times thinner ...
Natural Way of Hair Care

Natural Way of Hair Care

The basics of hair care In the case of hair care - as well as the face - it is equally important to provide a variety of active substances so tha...
natural and homeopathic remedies for dry skin

Natural and Homeopathic Remedies for Dry Skin

Recommendation of SYLVECO products for dry skin types. Care of this type of complexion is not easy - soaps and detergents for face washing can additionally dry it and should be avoided.  The face cream should be selected in such a way, as to provide the skin with all necessary substances to bind the water in the epidermis and to rebuild the protective barrier. We propose our natural and homeopathic products because they can address the dryness more effectively than conventional cosmetics.
7 skincare mistakes

7 Skincare Mistakes You Should Avoid

The article lists the 7 most common mistakes we make with proper skin care or our lack of that care and what it does to our skin.
PEPTIDE LIFT - The Synergy of Nature and Technology to Fight Skin Aging Process

PEPTIDE LIFT - The Synergy of Nature and Technology to Fight Skin Aging Process

New skincare line Peptide Lift includes Hexapeptide-8 – Argireline® which is the newest technological discovery in cosmetology. Composed of natural amino acids is designed to relax muscles and thus fight against expression wrinkles.

We have five new products containing Argireline, moisturizing face cream, regenerating cream, nourishing cream, face serum and eye serum in capsules concentrate. These powerful high-end ingredients are available at our online store.

White birch tree bark

Chaga Benefits & Birch Trees - 10 Reasons To Love Betulin

Chaga benefits and betulin are closely related. Betulin or betulinic acid is an extract harvested from the birch bark. Chaga is a mushroom, a fungus living off the birch trees. Therefore Chaga also contains betulin. Many scientific studies confirmed and have shown that betulin has highly curative properties and even in a very high concentration, it is not toxic to the human body at all. 
pregnancy the best cosmetics for pregnancy #inspiration

The Best Cosmetic Ingredients During Pregnancy

The best skincare ingredients for pregnancy: sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, macadamia nut oil
What does it take to become ecocert certified, face cream is very safe and non-toxic that it is eaten from the plate

Can You Eat Your Face Cream? - What You Need To Know About ECOCERT

Organic, natural, ecological cosmetics have a special approval and certification body in Europe called EcoCert. It is a long and complex process to obtain that certificate. Organic farms have to be certified, production process is separated and checked, even packaging and disposal is monitored. Natural cosmetics have better effect on our skin because they effortlessly work with our body stimulating natural positive processes of our skin. Chemical or synthetics are no good for our health, wellness and well being. They disrupt our natural body cycle but also our environment.