7 Skincare Mistakes You Should Avoid

Often we make mistakes not even realizing that we impact our skin condition and worsen it. Here are the seven skincare mistakes we all should be aware of and avoid making them.



Using drying and mattifying creams (which also dries up the skin) for oily or combination skin types.  This type of skin also needs moisturizing and oiling, otherwise, it will produce even more sebum to compensate for deficiencies.


Not using sunscreen protection on your skin. It is very unhealthy for our skin to be exposed to the deadly UV rays. Depending on where you live, you should always remember about protecting your skin if it would be exposed to the son for an extended period of time.


Sleeping with the makeup on – there is nothing worse for your skin than clogging your pores for an extended period of time, especially at night when your skin needs restoration. Before going to bed, your makeup has to be removed thoroughly with cleansing oil or milk, toned with tonic water, and nourished with a night cream.  


Applying the creams right after cleanser without using a toner. Toner removes the reminding of your makeup. It closes your pores and brings pH balance to your skin. Cleansers are acidity but your skin is alkaline, so toner turns it into its normal, alkaline state.


Applying makeup without a base cream. It is a good idea to wait 5 minutes after applying a base cream and before putting your makeup to allow the cream to be completely absorbed by your skin.  


Removing blackheads and pimples by yourself. We cannot remedy acne by ourselves. Acne is a bacterial condition of the skin and it requires professional diagnosis and treatment prescribed by a dermatologist.


Overdoing it with skin peeling treatments. It is not recommended to do skin exfoliation more than 3-4 times a month. In case of the sensitive skin or skin with impurities, enzymatic peels are better than mechanical peels.

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