A Guide to Micellar Water

If you are looking for the right facial cleanser for yourself, you might consider a micellar fluid.

What is micellar water? It came from France (of course!) where it was used for decades because French believed their tap water is such a low quality that no one wanted to rinse their faces with it. Therefore, they started to use a particular fluid that didn't require rinsing off a face with tap water.

Micellar fluid or “micellar water contains micelles - tiny balls composed of many connected molecules suspended in an aqueous solution. The outer particles that form micelles have hydrophilic properties (attract water), while the molecules that form the interior of the micelles are hydrophobic (repel water, but combine well with fats). 


Thanks to both of these properties, micellar liquid works well with all kinds of skin impurities, collecting greasy debris (e.g., fat and water-resistant ink) inside the micelles and dissolving other pollutants in the aqueous solution.

These face cleansing cosmetic, especially recommended for people with sensitive and dry skin, is suitable for all skin types. Its essential advantage is that it does not irritate and does not burden the skin and, unlike cosmetic milk, does not leave an oily film on its surface. After using the micellar liquid, you no longer have to wash your skin with water.

An excellent micellar fluid contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, and it does not include detergents such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). It cleans the skin gently and thoroughly, without irritating (e.g., burning or redness) and without affecting the hydrolipid barrier of the skin. Thanks to this, it is suitable not only for facial cleansing but also for eye makeup removal and can replace cosmetic lotions and face wash gel.

Additionally, most micellar waters, especially organic types, work as both, cleansers and toner solutions. They cleanse the skin very well and, at this same time, restore a natural skin's pH balance.

If you are not satisfied with the currently used make-up remover, we suggest you replace it with micellar liquid.



Author: Anna Ankowska; Na Salony, article: “What is Micellar Water,” translated from Polish by Alina Cosmetics;



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