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Natural remedies for your sensitive skin

We bring you the best what Europe has to offer in homeopathic beauty treatments.


In 2013 the EU banned animal testing on cosmetics. Cosmetics produced in the EU have strict safety standards.

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Birch bark extract Sylveco brand skincare

SYLVECO Herbal Care

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Vianek Brand natural and homeopathic skincare products

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@hippie79 Instagram 03/10/19

@hippie79 Instagram 03/10/19

View this post on Instagram This is part 2 of my skincare routine. ( to learn about the cleanser and ton...
Kristen Collins Music presents Sylveco brand skin care products for oily skin

Kristen Collins on Instagram @KristenCollinsMusic

Thank you Kristen Collins @KristenCollinsMusic for presenting our skin care products and for trying them!
Sylveco at Indie Beauty Expo Jan 23-24

Sylveco at IBELA - JAN 23-24, 2019

Sylveco brand debuted at Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles on January 23-24 2019. We presented our Sylveco brand skin care products for sensitive skin. Our unusual ingredients of birch bark extract, betulin, oak bark, and burdock extract were featured as "Into the Woods" new ingredients in the new beauty trends article:

"A Dozen Big-Time Beauty Trends That Stole The Show At IBE LA 2019"


Tackle Winter with the Love Goodly Dec/Jan Box By Kathy Dawson

Tackle Winter with the Love Goodly Dec/Jan Box By Kathy Dawson

Sylveco Soothing Eye Cream – I’m going to start with my favorite product in the box.[...] I put it on at night and wake up with younger looking eyes.  I know that sounds impossible, but it’s totally true.  This is a product I will definitely buy again.

Vianek cleansers in Smart Retailer magazine January 2019 edition

Vianek Face Wash and Facial Toner in Smart Retailer, January 2019!

Vianek Face Wash and Toner are in January's edition of SMART RETAILER magazine. Our products are wonderful inspirations for bath and personal care gifts. 
Soothing Eye Cream, Palm oil free certificate, vegan, LoveGoodly beauty box

LoveGoodly Beauty Box Dec/Jan!

Our Sylveco Soothing Eye Cream is featured in Dec/Jan vegan LOVEGOODLY beauty box @ This is a vegan subscription box with safe...
Sylveco Soothing eye cream, palm oil free certified

Palm Oil Free Certification Orangutan Alliance

Sylveco Soothing Eye Cream was certified as a palm oil free product by Orangutan Alliance certification non-profit organization.
Smart Retailer Magazine

Smart Retailer Magazine

Our Enzymatic Face Peel and Snow-Algae Face Cream were featured for the retailers' Gift Ideas for Holidays.
Birch Light Moisturizer, Sylveco


View this post on Instagram Last night's moisturizer was from the ever so effective line that I receive...

Customer Reviews

kittycrueltyfree I’m loving this Eye Cream! 💕 It’s very soothing around my eyes.


Instagram reactions to Soothing Eye Cream @sylveco_usa Dec 2018

Rich Exfoliating Lip Balm

love itI

put this on before bed and wake up with soft smooth lips. This is a great product!

- Michelina w. 10/24/18


Sylveco-my love!I really enjoy using this products. It’s delicate and ingredients are simple and pure.

- Barbara N. Yotpo Review 06/19/18

European Treasures

I am very happy with my purchase and I’d highly recommend these products to everybody. Delicate yet effective with simple and natural ingredients:)

Barbara N. Yotpo's verified customer 3/16/18


Cleansing Milk

Oceanic AA Cleansing Milk it's a great product for sensitive skin.

T.G Yotpo verified 3/31/18

 Birch Light Moisturizer 

great moisturizer

I have Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin. Also, I've had dry skin my entire life and have used many facial moisturizers. I am so happy I found this company because before it, I almost wouldn't use anything at all on my face. This moisturizer does not flare up and does not break out my skin. Great natural, organic moisturizer for sensitive skin!! It rubs in easily and doesn't leave a greasy film. I am very excited to continue using this.

Yotpo Verified Buyer    01/28/18


Customer Service, Quality, Environment

Grace was personable and in comparison to other products similar on ingredients, the price was nice. Mostly because Grace really is gracious I purchased your products.

Square Review: This customer purchased 1 item on January 14, 2018

I got it very quickly after ordering my favorites, Ziaja Jasmine +50, smells nicely ... Moisturizes .. I recommend .. If not for that in a few ms I fly to Poland I would buy more ...

Ela K. Facebook member of "Polki in California Plus" group.