PEPTIDE LIFT - The Synergy of Nature and Technology to Fight Skin Aging Process

The innovatory formulation contains the worldwide patent active ingredient Hexapeptide-8 – Argireline®. The invention of this unique anti-wrinkle peptide is one of the newest discoveries in cosmetology.

Sometimes referred to as " Botox in the jar" the peptide works without any needle injections or costly visits to the dermatologist office. It targets the same wrinkle-formation mechanism topically and in a very different way.



While acetyl hexapeptide 8 is similar to Botox in what it does, the effects are not nearly as powerful. Botox, which is a strong neurotoxin injected directly into the forehead and other facial wrinkles temporarily paralyze the muscles to keep them from contracting. Acetyl hexapeptide 8, on the other hand, is much weaker and also has to penetrate through the skin to relax muscles.
Composed of natural amino acids is designed to relax muscles and thus fight against expression wrinkles. It produces an integral skin recovery, effectively reduces the depth of the lines, especially in the forehead and around the eyes, and prevents the formation of new ones.
Argireline®  has been shown in significant testing to be effective against the development of skin wrinkling. A significant improvement is visible after two weeks of daily use.
The first peptide for expression wrinkles.
Visible effects after 15 days of daily use.
Additional active ingredients used In Peptide Lift cosmetics: deeply hydrating, nourishing and regenerating.
The line PEPTIDE LIFT includes:
Wrinkle Reducer, Moisturizing Formula, 50 ml

Wrinkle Reducer, Nourishing Formula, 50 ml

Wrinkle Reducer, Regenerating Formula, 50 ml

Wrinkle Reducer Highly Concentrated Smoothing Serum, 15 ml

Wrinkle Reducer- Anti-aging eye contour concentrate in capsules, 7 pcs



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