Sylveco Ecological


SYLVECO [S-y-l-v-ɛ-c-o] is a highly regarded Polish manufacturer of natural cosmetics, using only natural raw materials without chemical processing. The formulas for these cosmetics are developed mostly for a special group of consumers battling various skin problems as well as those with sensitive skin.  We are very proud to introduce these quality ecological derma cosmetics to the American market. 

SYLVECO is a family-owned and managed natural skincare company specializing in products that combine top-quality dermo-cosmetic agents with traditional Polish-grown herbal ingredients.

Fast-growing since 2008, we now offer six distinctive personal care brands –SYLVECO, SYLVECO for BABY, BIOLAVEN, VIANEK, ROSADIA, ALOESOVE, and DUETUS – that suit the needs of modern consumers, both eco-minded and mainstream. Each of our products features real plant extracts in a hypoallergenic, paraben-free formula. In addition to gentle everyday products for all skin types, we offer numerous specialty solutions created to tackle specific skin- and hair-care challenges.

At Sylveco we conduct our own research, development, and rigorous testing, maintaining on-site ingredient processing and the highest production standards in the industry. We are proud advocates of green business practices, including a commitment to zero toxic waste pollution and no animal testing, ever.


Sylveco was first established in 1992 with a research-based focus on "wonder-ingredient" betulin. Derived from the bark of birch trees, betulin soon revealed its amazing potential for use in dermatological and cosmetic applications. In 2006, following the death of founder Stanisław Piela, his son and heir Radosław Piela took over and set the business on its current course in tribute to his father’s discovery and invention. Today Sylveco is known for its use of abundant Polish-grown botanical ingredients, including, of course, the healing birch extract that started it all nearly a quarter-century ago.


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