DUETUS Skincare set for combination and acne skin

Minimalist natural skincare for men and women.

Polish natural skincare company SYLVECO introduces DUETUS, the all-natural skincare line for men and women featuring regulating and detoxifying botanicals.

All-natural unisex skincare featuring pure botanical extracts.

Do men require a unique skincare regimen? It is true that male skin tends to exhibit a specific range of characteristics and needs, but it is important to note that different men have different needs. As a rule, men’s skin is thicker, with a greater tendency toward sebum production as a result of normal hormone activity. This is why middle-aged men often have younger-looking skin than women of the same age, and why lines tend to appear at a later time. However, with improper care or no skincare regimen at all, men are at increased risk for rosacea, broken capillaries, rhinophyma, and deep-set crease lines, which far exceed the depth of women’s crease lines because of men’s increased facial musculature.

The high rate of sebum production typical of male skin can result in oily skin or acne breakouts, even in adulthood. Proper hygiene and the right skin care regimen can combat and prevent these tendencies.

Not all men, however, have oily, breakout-prone skin. Many also report issues with dryness and tightness, particularly after shaving. Others have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients or environmental factors. Choosing a routine and selecting skincare products requires the same kind of analysis that informs the daily care of women’s fragile skin.

Sylveco is proud to introduce DUETUS, the new unisex skincare line that’s safe for a range of skin types and especially recommended for men and women with combination skin or problem skin prone to redness and breakouts.

DUETUS combines all-natural active ingredients that fight acne and regulate sebum production with lightweight plant-based moisturizers to combat dryness, which can, in fact, contribute to breakouts. The signature DUETUS components include activated charcoal, hemp oil, nigella oil, herbal extracts and AHA, BHA, and PHA acids.

In addition to striking the perfect balance between oil control and lasting hydration, DUETUS products also bind toxins, inhibit oxidation and help regenerate the skin on a cellular level, protecting against smog and other environmental pollutants.

Discover his-and-hers skincare featuring the powerful cleansing and protective action of DUETUS by SYLVECO. 100% natural plant-based ingredients.

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