DUETUS face scrub for oily and combination skin



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The gentle exfoliating formula for combination and blemish-prone skin featuring ground nigella seeds and fine particles of corundum. The exfoliator sloughs off dead skin and boosts circulation leaving the skin visibly smoother. Licorice root extract and activated charcoal detoxify and remove discoloration. Grapeseed and nigella oils provide moisture, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Essential oils of bergamot and thyme boost regeneration and lend a refreshing all-natural fragrance.

  • Combination and blemish-prone skin
  • Detoxifying and removing discoloration
  • The natural essential oil of bergamot and thyme
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free product

Directions: Apply to wet skin, massaging in gently with the fingertips for two minutes, avoiding the sensitive eye area. Rinse completely with lukewarm water. For best results use once or twice weekly.

Active ingredients: corundum (abrading agent), grapes (seed oil), nigella (seed oil and ground seeds), licorice (root extract), activated charcoal, panthenol, vitamin E, thyme (pure essential oil), bergamot (pure essential oil).

Capacity: 75 ml/ 2.5 fl.oz