ROSADIA is the newest all-natural skincare range from SYLVECO, combining damask rose, rosehip, and rosewood to nourish and rejuvenate mature, sensitive, dry, and redness-prone skin.

The SYLVECO team has created a completely natural skincare range –ROSADIA – that combines the precious Damask rose with rosehip and rosewood. Rich in age-defying antioxidants, ROSADIA offers soothing, nourishing, moisturizing, and capillary-strengthening action. It is recommended especially for dry, mature, sensitive, and redness-prone types of skin. For fast, visible, and lasting results, ROSADIA products are formulated to maximize the amount and impact of precious oils, extracts, moisturizers and pure rose essential water with every application.

Few skincare ingredients are as precious as pure essential oil of the Damask rose. Obtained from just one rose varietal grown in Bulgaria’s famed Rose Valley of Kazanlak, it is a uniquely labor-intensive natural ingredient, requiring harvesting by hand between dawn and mid-morning, when the scent is strongest, followed by swift but extremely gentle further processing. Each kilo of essential oil is distilled from five tons of blooms.

For over 330 years, the Damask rose has thrived in the local soil, air, and climate, producing essential oil of a quality unmatched by cultivation in other regions. Despite pressure from the fragrance industry, scientists have not found a way to synthesize a laboratory alternative to this rare ingredient. Thus, pure rose oil from the Damask rose remains as expensive as it is rare, but its powerful skincare benefits are worth the high price.

Thanks to its smoothing and line-reducing properties, rose extracts are used in products formulated for mature and dry skin. At the same time, because it is also highly beneficial and strengthening for the blood vessels, rose oil is found in products designed to alleviate redness and rosacea. And as an especially gentle, non-irritating ingredient, the use of rose is allowed in skincare made especially for allergy-prone and sensitive skin.

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