ROSADIA Body Scrub

ROSADIA Body Scrub


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Gentle exfoliating formula with sugar crystals, Himalaya salt and finely ground rosehip seeds to slough off dead skin, remove impurities and boost circulation. With a nourishing complex of evening primrose oil, vitamin E and grapeseed oil. Promotes cellular regeneration, purifies and increases elasticity. Leaves skin soft, hydrated and visibly smoother. The natural scents of rosewood, orange, and lime combine for a relaxing and rejuvenating sensory experience.

Directions: Apply a walnut-sized amount to damp skin and massage into the body as needed, avoiding sensitive areas. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. For best results use once or twice weekly.

Active ingredients: grapes (seed oil), sugar, Himalayan salt, rosehip (ground seeds), evening primrose (seed oil), vitamin E, geranium(pure essential oil), lime (pure essential oil), orange (pure essential oil), rosewood (pure essential oil).