Sea Buckthorn

INCI: Hippophae rhamnoides

ORNAMENTAL SEA BUCKTHORN - has orange or yellow, juicy and aromatic berries. In ancient Greece, sea buckthorn berries were added to horse feed to give them a beautiful, shiny coat. Hence the Latin name for the hippophae shrub (hippos - horse; phaos - shiny). In Russia, also called Siberian pineapple, because of its characteristic taste. It is a treasury of nutrients: vitamins (especially C), provitamin A, micro- and macroelements, carotenoids. For centuries, medicine has been using sea buckthorn to treat gastrointestinal diseases, atherosclerosis and radiation therapy. It exhibits an extremely regenerative and nourishing effect on the skin.


INCI: Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil

Sea buckthorn oil (Hippophae rhamnoides Oil, Seabuckthorn Berry Oil) is obtained from the fruit of "Siberian pineapple", or sea buckthorn. It is a dark orange oil with a characteristic smell and taste - a real richness of vitamins and microelements. The biologically active ingredients include flavonoids (quercetin and rutin), carotenoids (beta-carotene) in the amount of 189 mg / 100 g, folic acid, vitamins A, C, E, K, provitamin D, tannins, salts of iron, boron, manganese , fruit and fatty acids.

The vitamin C content is up to 15 times higher than in orange fruit (approx. 695 mg / 100 g oil on average).

Oil application:

  • stimulates the regeneration and granulation process of the epidermis, which is especially important in the case of burns and frostbite,
  • has pain-relieving properties,
  • accelerates wound healing - supports the treatment of pressure sores, ulcers, eczema and allergic blemishes,
  • due to the high content of carotenoids and vitamin E, it has the ability to partially absorb solar radiation, as well as eliminate free radicals,
  • due to the intense coloring it gives the skin a healthy color,
  • is included in the anti-wrinkle ingredients - it is especially recommended for the care of damaged, dry, wrinkled, flaky, irritated skin,
  • improves the condition of hair by adding gloss, prevents hair loss