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Nourishing Series Orange

Vianek Series Orange have potent nutritional supplements. Designed for all skin types. 

The products of the nutritional series are supported by  such active ingredients as:
  • chicory root  extract rich in inulin (natural prebiotic) and vitamins, moisturizes and soothes
  • the extract of honeydew is a wealth of vitamins and nutrients  
  • extract from the goose cinquefoil herb  has a soothing and protective effect
  • marigold flower extract  rich in carotenoids, flavonoids, and mucous compounds, has strengthening and protective properties
  • flaxseed extract thanks to the mucous compounds has a protective and moisturizing effect
  • apricot kernel oil rich in vitamins, among others A and E, strongly moisturizes, nourishes the skin
  • sea-buckthorn oil  due to the high content of carotenoids and vitamin E shows a strong nutritional and revitalizing effect
  • Soy lecithin  is a source of phospholipids, protecting against transepidermal water loss, helps penetrate active ingredients deeper into the skin
  • beeswax  responsible for smoothing, lightly lubricating and moisturizing the skin, is an excellent protective barrier preventing its drying
  • cocoa butter very well absorbed by the skin has a moisturizing, and protecting effect 
  • avocado butter strongly moisturizes and firms the skin, accelerates regeneration, soothes irritations caused by environmental factors
  • honey  has a strong nutritional and moisturizing effect on the skin and hair
  • panthenol strongly binds water in the skin, in the skin of provitamins is transformed into vitamin B5, protects the skin from irritations
  • Vitamin E is a natural preservative, prevents the oxidation of the oil phase of the cosmetic, is also an antioxidant, thus protects against the destruction of the epidermal lipids 
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