Vianek Purple - Soothing

VIANEK products in the purple series are characterized by a strong soothing and strengthening properties. Designed for the care of all skin types but especially prone to rednessbroken capillaries, and Rosacea.


Vianek Purple Face Care for redness, broken capillaries, and Rosacea

The products of the fortifying series include supported active ingredients such as:

  • blackberry and chestnut fruit extract with antioxidant and strengthening properties
  • lingonberry leaf extract,  which has antioxidant and protective compounds 
  • lavender oil, which soothes and brings the body into a state of relaxation.
  • Squalane  - is an antioxidant and prevents damage caused by UV rays, also acts as a regenerating and stimulating on skin cells
  • sweet almond oil  - softens, nourishes, and tones the skin, perfectly nourishes sensitive and dehydrated skin, prone to redness
  • beeswax  - responsible for smoothing, lightly lubricating and moisturizing. It is an excellent protective barrier preventing dryness
  • avocado butter -  strongly moisturizes and firms the skin, accelerates regeneration, soothes irritations caused by environmental factors
  • allantoin - soothes irritations and comes down irritated red skin.
  • Panthenol - strongly binds water in the skin and lubricates the skin. It is a provitamin of the B5 vitamin; it protects the skin from irritations.
  • vitamin E is a natural preservative, prevents the oxidation of the oil phase of the cosmetic, is also an antioxidant, thus protects against the destruction of the epidermal lipids 
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