A serum is a condensed cosmetic use in skin care regimen that works quickly and firmly. There are many serums for different skin types. Serums can be used as anti-aging products for deep wrinkles and anti-wrinkle rescue and for erasing fine lines. Serums with hyaluronic acid are perfect for dry and dehydrated skin conditions. A lot of these products are perfect for skin with sun damage, for improving the skin tone, and for improving certain skin conditions like Rosacea, redness, and sensitivity.

Typically serums are fast absorbing formulas with active ingredients in a very high concentration.

We have two types of serums - oily or creamy.

The serum should be used for a certain period of time. Use it twice a day after you cleanse and tone your skin but before you put your cream on your face. If you are looking for quick results, you can use it instead of the cream but don't completely replace it with the cream. Because serum is highly concentrated active ingredients formula, it should not be used without a break, so as not to get accustomed to such a strong concentration of ingredients - then instead of using a serum, it is better to reach for the cream to give your skin a chance to fight for itself.

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