PERSONALIZED DIET FOR THE SKIN - just like the body that needs a varied and balanced diet, the skin also has its own needs and requirements at different times. It needs to be "fed" properly - healthy and naturally.
feedSKIN is a rich and varied diet for all skin types.

INNOVATIVE RECIPES - modern active ingredients in unique combinations, without fragrances.
Optimal concentrations of ingredients do not lead to incompatibility with other products and the need to exclude your favorite cosmetics.


ECOLOGICAL PACKAGING - feedSKIN diet is served in glass, colorless bottles. The boxes are printed from recycled paper.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS - even modern active ingredients in innovative combinations can be mixed in a cocktail of 100% natural plant ingredients.

MINIMALISM AND AWARENESS - the basis of any diet is the recognition of needs. One well-chosen meal in the form of a suitable cosmetic is enough to solve your skin problem


SERUM - light, in the form of an emulsion, quickly absorbed. It goes well with any everyday cosmetics.
TONIC WITH ACIDS - complement to the serum. Can be freely combined with a selected serum for a specific skin problem.
MOISTURIZING TONER - like a glass of water, every skin needs to maintain proper hydration.
BASIC COSMETICS - three basic care cosmetics: micellar water, face wash gel and occlusive cream.

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