The Polish Folk Art Mixed With Cosmetics

Flower crown Vianek

Vianek [‘flower crown’ in English] is a line of cosmetics manufactured by SYLVECO, a highly regarded Polish cosmetics manufacturer which only uses natural raw ingredients, plants, and herbs. Because these cosmetics have been specially designed for women with sensitive skin, our formulas don’t contain harsh chemicals or chemical processing, ever.

Vanek's six product ranges target specific skin types and issues and come in a variety of energizing distinct scents. Each product is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and manufactured naturally in Poland.

Vianek Brand skin care cosmetics and a photography of a girl with a flower crown

Not only are our ingredients traditional, Vanek's vibrant packaging is deeply rooted in Polish heritage and culture.

The unique floral motif is inspired by the Polish folk art tradition—and one beautiful Polish village.

The History of the “Painted Village”

As the story goes…over a century ago, the women of Zalipie were preparing their homes for the Feast of Corpus Christi. (The religious festival provided them with a rare break from their usual farm work.) They painted their plain cottages with a fresh coat of white paint, but the soot from their chimneys soon turned the walls blotchy with ash.

Zalipie Village painted house with floral motives

No one knows who first decided to cover up these imperfections with flowers, but soon, the entire village was festooned with floral motifs.

The women had no formal art training—they were farmers, mothers, and homemakers.

They made the fine paintbrushes themselves—using hair from the tails of their cows. As for the paint, they used leftover cooking fat from their dumplings. Because the paint was all natural, every year it faded or washed away, and every year, these women re-beautified their homes with their charming, colorful designs.


barn and dog house painted with floral motives

The creative zeal of the Zalipian women even spread to the walls of the churches and schools in the village, and soon enough, everything from chicken coops and dog houses to chimneys and clothes was covered in blossoms. The custom extended to other villages in the area, catching the interest of folk art researchers and ethnographers.


ground shadow clock painted in floral motives

One woman, in particular, truly embodied this tradition. Born in 1904, Felicja Curyłowa weathered some of the most difficult times in Poland’s history. To bring some much-needed comfort back into her life, she decided to surround herself with the vibrant colors of her beautiful hand-painted flowers. No surface of her three-bedroom cottage was left undecorated, no matter how hidden or small. (Even her lightbulbs were adorned with tiny bouquets.) After her death, her floral home was opened up to the public as a museum, so that everyone could be inspired by stepping inside her lovely, vivid world.

indoors of the house painted in colorful floral motives

blue cottage window with white walls painted in floral motives

floral motive painted on the wall of the house

Today, Zalipie is considered one of the most picturesque and charming villages in all of Eastern Europe. Despite its unique beauty and history, Zalipie has been left largely undisturbed by tourism.

water well crane type painted in flowery patternsside of the bridge wall painted in flowery pattern

door entrance painted in flowery pattern

house wall painted in flowery pattern and chicken and turkey sitting at the front of the housegarden view, tree bark and beehive painted in flowery patterns

big indoor stove painted in flowery patterns

But now, you don’t even have to travel all the way to Poland to see these gorgeous designs in person. You can bring a piece of the “painted village” into your own home.

Vianek brand six lines of skincare cosmetics

Vanek's ecological derma-cosmetics bloom with rustic bouquets on the outside and quality hand-crafted tradition on the inside. Inspired by the Zalipian women, Vianek uses only safe, non-toxic ingredients, hand-picked from nature.


We are very proud to share the story of these amazing women and their village and to introduce Vianek—made available for the first time to the American market and home!

a girl with a flower head









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