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WELCOME to Alina Cosmetics!

Being Polish and living in Southern California can be bittersweet at times. Although I love living in this state and I wouldn’t exchange it for anything else, I also miss the rain and the snow quite often. California's hot outdoor weather and cool air-conditioned indoors make our skin dry, irritated, sometimes even burned. Each time I visit Poland, I bring tons of skincare products in my suitcases because they work well and are more affordable compared to what I can get in the States.

For a down-to-earth pragmatic woman, I do not believe that you need to spend hundreds of dollars to benefit from a quality, organic and safe skin care cream. I do not believe that cosmetics make you healthier, younger, or a better person. However, I do believe that you need an everyday moisturizer, a cleanser, a serum, a mask, a micro-peel to help your skin to breath, a body lotion and every night a good nourishing cream with all the other things which are just absolute necessities. No fuss, no drama, no extras, no specials, no "Diamonds & Gold", just cleansers, creams, and lotions.

Suitcases of quality and inexpensive cosmetics...hmm. When I put two and two together - Eureka! That's how the idea came, to import Polish creams to California and sell them in an online store. 

Through a lot of effort and hard work, I traveled to many different cosmetic companies all over Poland and made deals with many of them to bring you the best possible product for the best possible price. 

Polish cosmetic industry is truly amazing. It has a long history of traditions, know-how, and most importantly satisfied customers, basically the whole package. Poland is the sixth producer of cosmetics in Europe but their products are not present in the United States. I don’t know why, but I’m about to change it.

Sylveco - Organic, high-end skincare products using native Polish plants and herbs, especially betulin - an extract from birch tree bark.

AVA Laboratorium - the oldest privately own Polish cosmetic company operating since 1961 and the first Polish company holding Natural and Organic EcoCert certificate for some of their lines.

Bielenda - The best line of professional cosmetics for spa treatments, using unusual, innovative solutions and exotic ingredients like coal, caviar, umber, brine or peas.

Ziaja - The best-known skincare brand popular all over the EU, fantastic base creams, amusingly fragranced, and really good moisturizers.

Oceanic - AA series specifically focused on skincare products for people with allergies.

There are the others brands such as Iwostin, Irena Eris, Tolpa, Nova, Orientana, Resibo, and many, more.

We want to tap into these wonderful resources and introduce them to you - the American consumer, so you can enjoy these quality skin care products in the same way both Polish men and women enjoy them in their daily skincare regimen. Our skin care cosmetics bring the best what Europe has to offer for the effective treatment of allergy prone, sensitive, problematic, dry and cracked skin.

All cosmetics sold by us are 100% safe and original. They are all acquired directly from the manufacturers or through their authorized distributors.

We stand behind these products and we sell them all with 30 days full refund guarantee policy. Please refer to our Policies and Procedures for return policy.

Thank you,

Alina Cosmetics 

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