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Lake Sherwood Life Magazine

Lake Sherwood Life Magazine

We are in the Lake Sherwood Life magazine. A social publication for the residents of Lake Sherwood, CA.
Vianek Gentle Face Mask in Kinder Beauty Box

Kinder Beauty Box - January 2021

VIANEK Fortifying Mask and VIANEK Gentle Mask were featured in Kinder Beauty Box in January 2021 edition.
The Secret Scottsdale - November 2020

The Secret Scottsdale - November 2020

If you have been spending time mixing and matching and creating your own special face care routine, then try out Oleiq oils from Alina Cosmetics.
Traveling Boy Magazine - July 2020

Traveling Boy Magazine - July 2020

Alina Cosmetics has an enormous array of fabulous products from their body scrubs to their facial products. Everything is hypoallergenic, clinically tested and made with natural ingredients.


YouTube - @laughingwithoutanaccent - June 10, 2020

YouTube - @laughingwithoutanaccent - June 10, 2020

Lucia Fernandez Metcalf presents our Biolaven Organic skincare gift box set. She shows the eye cream, nightly moisturizer, and lavender serum for oily skin.
Rosadia, Vianek and Duetus in Love Goodly vegan beauty box

Love Goodly Beauty Box Feb/Mar 2020

Our ROSADIA, DUETUS, and VIANEK are featured in the vegan beauty box LoveGoodly in their February/March edition
Sylveco in Millennium Magazine and Indie Beauty Expo Wall

Millennium Magazine, Feb. 2nd, 2020

Our SYLVECO brand has been featured in the article about Indie Beauty Expo 2020 in Millennium Magazine by Jody Miller.


Indie Beauty Expo, Los Angeles 2020

Indie Beauty Expo, Los Angeles 2020

SYLVECO will be attending IBELA 2020 on Jan 29-30 at Magic Box/Reef venue in the beautiful Downtown, Los Angeles. Booth D-112. Come and visit us!
A Girl's Gotta Spa!  - Jan 2, 2020

A Girl's Gotta Spa! - Jan 2, 2020

SYLVECO Birch Body Balm with birch bark extract is recommended as a great body moisturizer for Keratosis Pilaris and for eczema.

Rage Against the Minivan, Holiday Gift Guide For Him & Her, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide 2019 - Rage Against the Minivan

Kristy Howerton's popular blog for parents Rage Against the Minivan features SYLVECO skincare products in their 2019 edition of Holiday Gift Guide.
traveling boy magazine

Traveling Boy - Travel Treasures

Great travel items for your next adventure. "Traveling is never easy on one's skin. Try the Vitamin C Elixir For Wrinkles. This facial serum contains vitamin C as well as a complex of extracts including Japanese ginkgo, licorice, and clover which stimulate the production of collagen"..
Smart Retailer Magazine Rosadia Body Scrub and Body Lotion

Smart Retailer Magazine - December Edition

ROSADIA Body Scrub and Body Lotion were featured in Smart Retailer Magazine, Dec 2019 edition in the "Scrub-A-Dub-Dub. Scented Soaps and More" section.