Press Release 04/04/2018

Alina Cosmetics


Alina Cosmetics LLC Announces Launch of the U.S. Website for Distribution of Polish Made Natural Skin Care Products
Alina Cosmetics LLC is partnering with reputable Polish skincare producers to distribute their natural skin care cosmetics throughout its new U.S. based website. Polish beauty products will be an affordable, ecological, and unique alternative for American consumers.
Los Angeles, CA, January 2018 - launches it’s California based e-commerce platform to introduce American consumers to Polish skincare brands.

Alina Cosmetics is partnering with four reputable Polish skincare producers, Sylveco Company, Bielenda Naturals, Oceanic AA Cosmetics, and Ziaja to showcase their skin care products on the new website and social media platforms. The company is counting on the well-developed cosmetic industry in Poland. Since Poland joined the European Union in the 1990s, it became the sixth producer of cosmetics in Europe and is rapidly growing. Poland is poised to enter the American market. Polish beauty companies are well established, time-tested, very reliable, and innovative. They can deliver the highest quality products at sensible prices and in beautiful packaging to please even the most demanding consumers. The online store offers Polish-made all natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free face and skin beauty products designed to address sensitive and demanding skin types.

The company also educates the consumer of toxic ingredients used in some cosmetic products today and offers reassurance that European-made products are safe because laws in the European Union regarding beauty products, are stringent and the industry is heavily regulated by various governmental bodies.

Polish beauty will be a refreshing and affordable alternative to the market long-time dominated by multinational corporations. Also, at the time when everyone is fascinated with exotic beauty products, Alina Cosmetics wants to go back to European traditions and help the consumer to rediscover European quality and reliability of products made with passion and fascination of the surrounding nature. The company consciously promotes life in harmony with nature and healthy lifestyle.

“Each of our cosmetics has a story we want to share with our American consumer. Each one of them has a reliable performance record, is safe, and is carefully curated to meet and even surpass the demanding expectations of the diverse American market”.

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Polish made skincare products for sensitive and problematic skin types.

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