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anti-wrinkle eye cream
Clinical Lift Eye Contour Cream

Clinical Lift Eye Contour Cream


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Eye Contour Cream Firming + Nourishment. AA Clinical Lift - a line of cosmetics based on a unique three-dimensional polysaccharide matrix precisely filled with a well-balanced composition of hyaluronic acid, peptides, and collagen. This set of ingredients tenses and smoothes the skin. The cream includes tetrapeptideBiomatrix 3Dn, and avocado oil

Effect: The active modeling tetrapeptide rearranges the structure of collagen fibers in the skin, enhancing its supporting mesh and improving density, ensuring visible smoothing and firming effect. Lifting activator contained in the 3D biomatrix ensures the skin smoothness and elasticity thanks to its tightening action. Avocado oil provides the skin material building blocks and deeply nourishes it.

Usage: Apply every morning and evening, patting the cream softly into the eye contour area.