Caviar Face Serum - Serum
Caviar Face Serum - Serum

Caviar Face Serum


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Caviar Face Serum is Bielenda's Professional treatment for dry, mixed, sensitive, mature and wrinkled skin, requiring firming, suffering from shortages of nutrients, caused by aging, fatigue, and stress. 

Intended for: firming

Active ingredients: Caviar, Centella Asiatica, Bio-Peptid.

Caviar is a rich source of proteins, vitamins, and microelements –  an injection of energy for the skin, which guarantees complex treatment. It helps the cells in their intensive fight against aging symptoms. It works like a stimulant enforcing and accelerating the natural renewal process. It fights off free radicals, improves micro-circulation and firms the mature skin. Eventually, the skin is perfectly regenerated, smoothed, radiant, and younger.


  • reduces the roughness of the skin, skin becomes silky smooth
    • firms and tightens the skin
    • lifting effect significantly reduces the visibility and depth of wrinkles
    • improves the color and overall skin condition.