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Aloe vera makeup remover from face and eyes, ALOESOVE

ALOESOVE Micellar Makeup Removing Lotion for Eyes and Face


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Gentle micellar lotion for removing makeup, including eye-makeup and mascara, safe for all skin types. Formulated with organic aloe vera extract for powerful regenerating and antioxidant action. It contains ginkgo biloba extract to boost collagen production for smoothness and elasticity. Natural essential oils combine synergistically to refresh and mattify. Leaves skin soothed, hydrated and ready for moisturizer.

Capacity: 200 ml/ 6.7 fl.oz.

Made in Poland/EU

Vegan Product. Natural Product

Directions: Apply to a cotton pad and wipe the face and neck gently and thoroughly. To remove eye makeup apply lightly soaked cotton pad to the closed eyelid and wipe gently downwards, repeating if needed.

Active ingredients: aloe vera (organic aloe vera juice), ginkgo biloba (leaf extract), flax (seed oil), lactic acid (non-animal origin), peppermint (pure essential oil), orange (pure essential oil), rosemary (pure essential oil), juniper (pure essential oil), eucalyptus (pure essential oil).