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Acne Antibacterial Med System
acne antibacterial med system treatment set of five products face creams, lotions and gels

Acne Antibacterial Med System


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Acne Antibacterial Med System is an effective skincare kit which addresses common acne skin problems. Recommended especially for sensitive skin prone to irritation and allergic reactions. Supplements dermatological acne treatments.

Bring balance to your complexion with the step-by-step skincare routine:

Step 1

Seboregulating FACE CLEANSING GEL for Acne - use morning and evening to wash your face.

Zinc gluconate and licorice extract have antibacterial effects and will help you with reducing the creation of blackheads and skin eruptions. Vitamin B3 regulates the production of sebum, while witch hazel extract calms your skin and soothes irritation. The gel effectively removes all impurities from your face's surface, and it is not going to dry up your skin.

Step 2

Antibacterial MOISTURIZING TONIC - apply it on your face with a cotton pad after you wash your face with the cleansing gel.

Azelaic acid and Vitamin B3 will normalize the production of sebum on your face and has antibacterial properties. Glycerin will moisturize your skin and protect it from dryness. D-panthenol will soothe your skin irritation and redness. The preparation effectively cleanses your skin and restores its normal pH.

Step 3

Actively moisturizing MATTIFYING CREAM - use on your face during the day.

Because the cream contains Azelaic acid and Glycerin, it will noticeably calm your acne and prevent the creation of new blackheads and skin eruptions. It will also moisturize your skin during the day and protects it from dryness. The licorice extract will normalize your sebaceous glands function and reduces the production of sebum. D-panthenol and allantoin would soothe your skin irritation and redness. The cream can be your perfect make-up base. It is easily absorbed and does not leave an oily layer on your skin.

Step 4

CALMING AND REGENERATING CREAM - This is your nighttime cream for acne skin. 

In addition to Azelaic acid and Vitamin B3, the cream also has Vitamin E which would protect your skin against the adverse effect of free radicals and would accelerate your skin regeneration processes during the night. Bisabolol is also a good ingredient because it has anti-inflammatory effects and along with allantoin, it would soothe redness of your acne skin. Everyday use of the cream improves the condition of the skin, noticeably calms acne and reduces seborrhea.

Step 5

Antibacterial NORMALIZING MASK - you can use this mask 2 to 3 times a week. Just apply to cleansed face (avoiding the eye area). Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. 

The mask would exfoliate your skin, brighten any discolorations and even out the skin tone. White clay perfectly cleanses the skin and diminishes the pores. Regular use ensures a long-lasting mattifying effect and improvement of the skin tone.


All skincare products of 5-step acne routine are dermatologically tested on people with skin allergies. They do not contain parabens, color additives. They are fragrance-free. They have skin neutral pH.

Imported from Europe.