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Loyalty Club

Welcome to Alina Cosmetics Loyalty Club!

We have an active lifetime Membership Program for our loyal customers.


What to do to earn discounts?

First, please register with us and then SHOP your way. 

Base level - 5% off for 2 x purchases of total value of $20+ and a review or giving us a shout-out on social media - Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Pintrest, etc. (please send a proof).

Bronze level - 10% off for 3 x purchases of a total value of $30+ 

Silver level - 15% off for 4 x purchases of a total value of $60+

Gold level - 20% off for 5 x purchases of a total value of $100+


If you are already registered and you have a record of shopping with us, your club membership level is already accounted for. 

Please always log in to be able to see your club level pricing. 

Enjoy your shopping with Alina Cosmetics!