Ziaja Collection

Polish company Ziaja is one of the leading cosmetics companies in  Europe and it has a whopping 1,000 product offerings. The company produces high-quality cosmetics based on natural ingredients for face, body and hair care.  It was founded by a pharmacist, Zenon Ziaja who wanted to produce skin care products with natural ingredients.

Although the company grew over all these years, it stayed true to their core value of serving their customers.

Zenon has been asked many times what the secret is to his success? Zenon simply replies “It is not an art to create something good and expensive, but it is an art to create something good and inexpensive.” 

Our store offers SenSitive Range with 0% parabens, 0% alcohol, 0% perfume, 0% silicones and 0% mineral oils. 

We also offer very popular and budget-friendly lines of face creams and lotions - Goat's Milk, Natural Olive Oil, Saffron, Rose Butter. We hope you will enjoy these cosmetics as much as European women enjoy them in their daily beauty regiment. 

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