Aging Skin & Wrinkles Skincare Routine

VIANEK Revitalizing Range face care features the most products and combines beneficial oils and plant extracts with highly nourishing vitamins and innovative active ingredients. While not all results of anti-aging are immediate, with long-term use their effect on the condition and appearance of the skin can be pronounced.
Furthermore, for a product to combat aging, it needs to be deep acting, skin safe, and truly regenerating on a cellular level. It is important to note that both internal and external factors affect the skin. The right complex of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients is essential, as is a proper skincare regime and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Ginkgo biloba extract has antioxidant properties that prevent premature aging.
  • Strawberry fruit extract smooths and brightens the skin; reduces wrinkles.
  • Evening primrose extracts a highly prized skincare ingredient, it is exceptionally high in unsaturated fatty acids and contains natural antioxidants to prevent premature aging; strongly moisturizes the skin; increases elasticity.
  • Flax oil has strong regenerative and anti-wrinkle properties due to its high EFA and vitamin E content.
  • Strawberry seed oil has a very gentle effect on the skin; delivers moisture and protection against external factors.
  • The raspberry seed oil contains beneficial fatty acids; has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; offers high natural UV protection.
  • Rosewood oil has an anti-aging effect; stimulates tissue regeneration; increases smoothness and elasticity.
  • Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) occurs naturally in every cell of the body, accelerating metabolic processes and cooperating with enzymes (hence the term “coenzyme”). Like vitamin E, it is a powerful antioxidant. It also has regenerating and moisturizing properties. Typically, the level of coenzyme Q10 decreases with age, which is why it can be such a beneficial ingredient in products formulated for mature skin. In fact, ubiquinone has been called a “biomarker” of aging because its amount in the body coincides with age and vitality.
  • Vitamin C in the form of monophosphate magnesium salt is a gentle acting form of ascorbic acid. It penetrates the epidermis to reach deep layers of the skin, stimulating collagen synthesis, removing discoloration, and protecting against harmful UV radiation. It also affects the regeneration of vitamin E.
  • Vitamin E has a nourishing and healing effect. A safe and natural antioxidant, it prevents degradation of oils and fats, both as a natural preservative in skincare products and directly in the epidermis, which makes it effective at removing free radicals, inhibiting the aging process and protecting the skin against damage.
  • Ceramides (including glycosphingolipids, phospholipids, and cholesterol) are natural lipid components of the skin. They are the main binding element of the skin’s intercellular layers. Ceramides help absorb moisture and protect against water loss. They also regulate the penetration of other active ingredients into the skin.
  • Caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine are active substances extracted from coffee, tea, and cocoa. By stimulating microcirculation, they increase firmness and reduce swelling and bruising.
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