Gentle For Sensitive & Irritated Skin

VIANEK gentile series products are characterized by a calming and regenerating effect. Designed for all skin types but especially for your sensitive and irritated skin.

The products of the gentile series are packed with natural active ingredients which can only bring goodness to your skin:

  • Valerian extracts and purple coneflower rich in compounds with a protective and strengthening effect. They prevent your's skin early signs of aging
  • Chamomile flower extract shows a strong soothing effect, speeds up regeneration processes, brings relief to your skin in the case of irritation
  • Coconut oil (always good for you!) a source of saturated fatty acids, strongly regenerates dry and irritated skin and supports your skin defenses.
  • Beeswax (we love bees!) responsible for smoothing, lightly lubricating and moisturizing your skin, is an excellent protective barrier preventing dryness.
  • Panthenol strongly binds water in the skin, in the skin of provitamins is transformed into vitamin B5, protects the skin from irritations
  • Vitamin E is a natural preservative, prevents the oxidation of the oil phase of the cosmetic, is also an antioxidant, thus protects against the destruction of the epidermal lipids 


All Pink Gentile series cosmetics are cruelty-free, non-allergic and have natural fragrances. However, not all products are vegan. Some of them have beeswax.

The herbs that are used for these products come from organic farming, in the cleanest areas of Podlasie, Poland. You can learn about this ecological farm Gifts of Nature.

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