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AVA Laboratorium

AVA® Cosmetic Laboratory is the first Polish manufacturer who received the prestigious EcoCert certified title for their organic and natural skincare lines. AVA Laboratory has been constantly active on the Polish market since 1961. They produce cosmetics combining the richness of nature and latest technologies. Advanced formulas and innovatory active ingredients used by AVA® result in the exceptional effectiveness of cosmetics. 

10 reasons to choose our products:

  1. Tradition and experience for over 57 years.
  2. First Polish manufacturer of natural and organic cosmetics certified and supervised by ECOCERT – the world’s most important organization in this field.
  3. The uniqueness of our beauty products lies in the use of natural plant extracts and essential oils.
  4. Environmental protection. Organic and natural ingredients used in our formulations come from plantations which exclude any use of pesticide, chemical fertilizer and are obtained by simple, non-polluting transformation procedures.
  5. Development and production based on ingredients of the highest possible quality and effectiveness.
  6. Hypoallergenic formulas.
  7. A wide range of skin products from organic, natural to cosmeticeuticals and beauty skin care to professional products with whole treatment for beauty salons.
  8. Cosmetics are not tested on animals.
  9. High effectiveness of cosmetics. Our main cosmetic lines help to stimulate the skin’s 5 functions which are associated with a youthful appearance: nutrition, hydration, regeneration, reduction of wrinkles and revitalization.
  10. Best products at accessible and reasonable prices.


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