Atopic Skin

Alina Cosmetics offers a range of skincare products which relieves and reduces the symptoms of extremely dry, irritated, and eczema prone skin. 

Our atopic creams are thick, creamy emollients which are good moisturizers for your face. Moisturizers are classified based on the amount of oil and water they contain. The more oil in a moisturizer, the better it usually is for treating eczema. Our creams have a buttery consistency but they don't feel greasy. They absorb into the skin in about 20 minutes, so it is recommended to use them right after the shower to lock in the moisture or use them overnight. These are very effective at keeping moisture in and irritants out. 

Sylveco Birch Moisturizing Cream with Betulin and AA Help for Atopic Skin series are natural cosmetics, therefore they don't contain any stabilizers or preservatives, no dyes or artificial fragrances. These creams won't irritate your skin.

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