Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema, Contact Dermatitis, and Allergies

Cosmetics for people with atopic dermatitis or other allergic changes


Atopic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis (AD) - this condition affects 1-3% of adults and 10-20% of children, these numbers are increasing year by year. Atopic skin is characterized by dryness, redness, irritation, often breaks and scaly flakes (ichthyosis) or bubbles appear on it. Dermatitis is usually accompanied by severe itching, which often intensifies at night. Factors causing irritation generate a so-called vicious circle of AD, i.e. a set of symptoms (irritation → pruritus → scratching → infection), which exacerbates the course of the disease. Skin infection is usually caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. These symptoms lead to the destruction of the hydrolipid coat of the skin, which further causes an increased loss of water from the skin, and thus excessive dryness. Appropriate care of atopic skin is mainly based on:

  • daily and regular moisturizing and oiling of the skin, which will allow you to rebuild a protective film on the surface of the epidermis;
  • limiting the Staphylococcus aureus population to minimize the risk of recurrent skin infections.

Delicate emollients are ideal for the care of atopic skin. They shouldn’t cause additional irritation (odorless, do not contain preservatives and dyes) They should be also effective and safe. People with AD or other allergic dermatological conditions can choose products that meet their special needs from the SYLVECO offer.

SYLVECO proposes:

Balsam with betulin  - ideal emollient with a light consistency, quickly absorbed, provides long-lasting protection.

Soothing body lotion  - a light cooling formula that spreads well and absorbs, regenerates and soothes irritations.

Birch cream with betulin  - rich cream, good for use on the face and small surfaces of the body, perfectly protects the skin against moisture loss. It works like an emollient (imagine Eucerin or Aquafort). Apply a generous amount right after the shower or before bedtime. The cream will absorb into your skin in about 20 minutes. It would seal the moisture in and keep the dryness out.

Birch light moisturizer - a moisturizing and lightweight cream for the day. Also perfect under makeup. 

Soothing Eye Cream - a moisturizing and very soothing cream for the delicate skin around the eye area. 

All our birch creams and lotions are hypoallergenic. They were tested dermatologically and they won't trigger an allergic reaction even if you are allergic to birch trees. If you are allergic to trees, it is usually due to an allergy to pollen, not to the betulin which is an inner ingredient of the bark (it gives the bark a white color). It is very rare for someone to be allergic to the betulin. 

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