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Aloe Vera Moisturizing Face Wash



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Gentle and non-irritating cleansing gel for all skin types. It contains organic aloe vera juice and ginkgo biloba extract for hydrating and antioxidant action. Formulated with malic acid to help slough off dead skin cells and reduce discoloration. Features a synergistic complex of natural essential oils to support cellular regeneration and regulate sebum production. Leaves skin clean, smooth and refreshed.

Directions: Apply to wet skin and massage in using the fingertips or a soft face brush. Rinse thoroughly.

Active ingredients/INCI: glycerin, aloe vera (organic aloe vera juice), ginkgo biloba (leaf extract), panthenol, malic acid (from apples), flax (seed oil), juniper (pure essential oil), geranium (pure essential oil), peppermint (pure essential oil), rosemary (pure essential oil), orange (pure essential oil).

Capacity: 150 ml / 5,1 fl. oz