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Rosacea - 10 Best Natural Remedies

Rosacea for some people is an unfamiliar word but for the others who have it, it sometimes feels like a curse.

Rosacea skin is often red and sensitive. Your skin sensitivity can be a problem regardless of age. Sensitive skin often reacts with burning, itching, flaking and excessive drying as a result of external factors such as solar radiation, adverse weather conditions, changes in temperature or high humidity. The cause of discomfort and deterioration of the skin condition is also poor care.

Rosacea - is a skin condition that primarily affects the central face, and is often characterized by flare-ups and remissions. Most often it affects people over 30, and the highest severity of lesions falls in the period between 40 and 60 years of age. If you suspect you might have rosacea or you were already diagnosed with this condition, you need to treat it under the careful supervision of a medical professional. Treatment of rosacea usually involves prescription medications, internal and external topical creams. Also, the key in this aspect is sufficient, and at the same time, safe and gentle daily care of your skin.


Often, sensitive skin is a vascular skin, in which you can also notice erythema and dilated blood vessels. If you have a  vascular complexion, it is essential to avoid exposure to UVA and UVB radiation, hot baths, sauna, spicy and hot dishes, alcohol, stress, cosmetic products containing ethyl alcohol, dyes, fragrances and other irritating substances because all these factors contribute to the expansion of your blood vessels. We do not recommend performing mechanical peels, warming or exfoliation treatments using acids with high concentrations. However, look for products that contain vitamins C, B2, PP, K, and rutin because these active ingredients support care.

Alina Cosmetics recommends two brands for treating Rosacea skin. 

Bielenda Professional S.O.S. Capillary Repair and Vianek Purple Fortifying skin set. 

Together we offer a selection of 10 different skin care products from face wash to creams and masks.

Bielenda Professional - S.O.S. Capillary Repair is a soothing treatment.

It tightens your blood vessels, reinforces of capillary walls, which become more flexible and resistant to damage, prevents of dilated capillaries, reduces the sensitivity of cutaneous thermoreceptors, cools your skin and soothes irritation, improves of protective functions of your epidermis, and evens out your skin tone.

Vianek Purple is a line of natural skincare which is designed to strengthen and fortify with natural active ingredients derived from plants.

Vianek Purple Collection Pattern  Rosacea Face WashRosacea Treatment Micellar Water and TonerRosacea Face MaskRosacea Night CreamRosacea Day CreamUltra Soothing Body ButterRosacea Face Serum


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Author: Justyna Mrowczynska, Master of Cosmetology: Article "Sensitive Skin", June 8, 2017. Bielenda Company's blog:

Translated from Polish and curated by Alina Cosmetics, LLC.


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