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Introducing our exclusive new line of Snow Algae and silk extract facial creams – crafted by Poland’s oldest privately owned cosmetics company in the perfect marriage of nature and science. AVA Laboratorium is the first Polish manufacturer to be certified and supervised by ECOCERT – the world’s leading organization for natural and organic cosmetics standards.

Since 1961, AVA has been an innovator in anti-aging, producing over 300 ecological plant-based skin care products for your home and for professional salons and spas. We are now proud to offer their best-selling and revolutionary Snow Algae line, made available for the first time in the US.

Snow Algae Face Cream

Snow Algae – Your New All-Natural Anti-Aging Cream

Sometimes called “pink snow” because of its reddish color, snow algae thrive only in alpine and polar regions, on snowy peaks whose high altitudes and freezing temperatures keep all but the most seasoned mountain climbers and explorers at bay. When it blooms in the summertime, it is hand-harvested and later processed and bottled by AVA Laboratorium.

Snow algae’s unique properties allow it to survive these harsh conditions – and they, in turn, are what make snow algae so valuable as a restorative and deeply hydrating extract.

Because of its particular sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation, the snow algae produce carotenoid pigments that prevent further sun damage while restoring moisture and increasing collagen production. Specially formulated for mature skin of all types, the snow algae extract stimulates the KLOTHO and FOXO1 longevity proteins within aging cells.

Also known as the longevity genes, KLOTHO and FOXO1 have been scientifically proven to slow the aging process, and even reverse its effects. But since our bodies cannot generate any more of these proteins on their own, we need help from nature.

Our organic and all-natural snow algae extract creams repair your cells and produce lasting results you will not only see but feel.

80% of women who use snow algae creams detect fewer wrinkles and noticeably smoother skin, and in one clinical study, age spots were less visible in 67% of participants following just a 21-day regimen. Another trial revealed that the snow algae extract increased hydration by 10% in 100% of women.

Use it as a night cream for effortless, youthful skin the next morning, each morning. Snow algae regenerate your skin naturally, without any toxic or harsh chemicals, all while you sleep. Our lightweight formula works at the cellular level, so it looks and feels invisible, also making it perfect for use under makeup during the day and as a treatment for dark pigmentation and wrinkles.

Try all three of our scientifically-tested Snow Algae products and make snow algae your new secret to age-defying, rejuvenated, and glamorous skin.

Snow Algae Eye Contour CreamSnow Algae Night CreamSnow Algae Day Cream

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Discover Snow Algae

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